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Abuse and Neglect

Welcome to your 9. Test Your Understanding of Elder Abuse and Neglect

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Elder abuse is complex because
Understanding the complexities of elder abuse is important because
0ne of the signs and sym ptoms of neglect is
Contribliting risk factors for elder abuse include
Types of elder abuse include
Some examples of physical abuse include
0ne of the general signs that may indicate abuse is occuring is
Stressed caregivers wiH always be abusive to elders.
According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, mily members account for a small percentage of abuse against elders.
Violence is a learned behavior that in some families is passed on from one generation to the next
Most elders who are victims of abuse will report lt.
Most health care professionals who work with the elderly are mandatory reporters and must report all cases of suspected abuse according to their guidelines.
It is the responsibility of the home care agency to investigate suspected elder abuse.
Some victims of sexual abuse will give clues that they are being abused. We need to be aware of these clues and ask further questions.
Elder abuse is never pre­meditated and deliberate
It is important that the elder have private time with his or her healthcare professional.