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Welcome to your 15. Test Your Understanding of How to Communicate with Someone Who Has Aphasia

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1) Communication is necessary for a normal, happy life because
2) The role of the speech­language pathologist is
3) The most common cause of aphasia is
4) The person with aphasia may
5) Sometimes people with aphasia do not want to go out in public because
6) Some effective ways to communicate with people with aphasia indude
7) When communicating with a person who has aphasia
8) Recovery is helped by
9) Signs posted around the house can help the person relearn language

10) Aphasia is a disorder that causes mental retardatİon.
11) It's important to speak louder when talking to a person who has aphasia,

because it enables them to understand you better.
12) Maintaining a routine daily schedule helps provide people with aphasia an opportunity to relearn language through repeated exposure to the same events.
13) People who have aphasia sometimes swear as a way of being antisocial

14) Using pictures, objects and gestures can help break through communication
15) Family and friends are not important in the recovery process.
16) To give the best support possible, you should push the aphasic person practice and perfect speech.
17) 0nce the aphasic person learns to respond to a communication prompt,

it will usually work every time.
18) It is more difficult for the person with aphasia to answer yes­-no questions.