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Assist With Medications

Welcome to your 6. Test Your Understanding of How to Assist with Medications

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The more medications a person takes, the more chance there is of
Ways that aging affects medication response include
Taking multiple prescription drugs
When you assist with medications
Adverse reactions include
Things to report include
The Five R's are
Assisting with medicatiorıs includes
You are not permitted to
When helping with medications
The client is responsible to take his or her own medications including eye and eardrops, nasal sprays or ointment.
0lder adults use more prescription and over ­the­ counter medications than any other age group.
A side effect is an unusual, unexpected response to medications.
Some foods slow or increase absorption of a medication.
Do not assume that depression, fake, confusion or weakness in an elderly

person is a natural part of aging. It may be an adverse reaction to

Medications must be stored in a warm, dry place.
Some adverse reactions such as depression, confusion or forgetfulness may take weeks and months to develop.
You are not allowed to open the properly labeled container if the client is physically unable to open it.
Used needles should be disposed of in a puncture ­proof, leak proof

appropriately marked container.
Always recap needles before placing them in the container.