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Body Mechanics

Welcome to your 8. Test Your Understanding of Body Mechanics

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proper posture is
When standing proper posture includes
The Pinciples of body mechanics
The following guidelines are important when lifting
When lifting, it's important to
0ther general guidelines when lifting include
When lifting, keep your feet about shoulder width apart
Body mechanics refers to the way we move when we perform activities.
The principles of body mechanics are a set of rules that allow us to maintain proper posture during movement.
When moving a wheelchair, never remove the armrests am leg supports.

Maintaining proper posture and using the principles of body mechanics help to avoid injury to the back, neck and shoulders.
Slide, roll or push the object whenever possible instead of lifting.
Before lifting, get as close as you can to the person or object, then lean forward, bending at the waist.
Never twist at the waist when moving an object or person.
Use your arms and upper body to pull up when lifting.
Avoid reaching for or lifting anything over your head. Get on the same as the object or use a reacher.
Lift first with your body, then with your mind.
If you are lifting someone, make sure you tell the person what you are planning to do to avoid surprise or sudden movements.
Proper standing posture includes having buttocks slightly tucked in and knees locked.
When you lift, face the direction of movement. If you need to turn,

move your entire body toward the new direction.