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Communication Skills

Welcome to your 5. Test Your Understanding of Communication Skills

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Communication is important because:
Active listening means
If your client has a hearing aid
Non-verbal communication refers to
Some obstacles to communication include
If your client brings up difficult topics like loneliness or death
Body language means
Maintaining a professional appearance includes
0pen­ ended questions can draw people out and encourage them to communicate more fully.
Clarification means that you ask him or her to repeat what was just said to be sure you understood it correctly.
About 25% of communication is nonrverbal.
The way you present yourself through your clothing and posture gives

others information and impressions about yourself. It is another form of

Ageism, is a form of prejudice against younger people.
Pain can be a contributing factor to a person's mood, speech and

Anytime you cross your arms or legs during a conversation automatically gives the message that you are not interested in what the other person has to say.