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Intro to Home Care

Welcome to your 1.Test Your Understanding of Introduction to Home Care

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Professionals who may be part of the home care team include:
The care plan describes:
Good documentation should be:
The social worker:
Developing good observation skills means:
Important elements for success on the job include:
Events that must be reported immediately include:
In terms of hygiene and grooming:
Personal visits with family and friends are fine if you are not that busy.
It is always better to report an observation even if it seems unimportant or you are unsure about it than to risk the client's well-being by not reporting it.
Your positive attitude can decrease any stress your client feels about having a stranger in their home.
Documentation describes your observations and activities and becomes part of your client's legal record.
Severe bleeding should be reported immediately.
The care plan is something you create to organize your duties.
Giving your client personal advice is part of being a compassionate caregiver.

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