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Mechanical Lift

Welcome to your 14. Test Your Understanding of How to Use a Mechanical Lift

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1) Communicating with the patient before starting the mechanical lift

procedure helps to
2) A mechanical lift is used
3) The sling of the lift must be positioned with its buttom edge at the patient's
4) Cross the patient's arms over his or her chest before starting the lift
5) To use a mechanical lift, start by
6) The shorter chain is hooked to the sling near the patient's
7) A mechanical lift can be used when a patient is unable to stand on his or her own
8) Supporting a patient's head during a mechanical lift helps prevent neck

9) Avoid supporting a patient's feet during a mechanical lift because it changes the center of gravity.
10) Moving slowly while performing a mechanical lift procedure is the safe method.
11) Place chain hooks facing away from your patient to prevent injury
12) The hole in the sling is used for ventilation.
13) The palient's body should be centered on the sling.
14) Raise the person on the bed as far as possible in order to have plenty

room to swing over to the chair or wheelchair.
15) The lift responds quickly so be careful to turn the knobs slowly when

lifting or lowering the patient
16) Because the lift does all the work you don't need to be concerned with how you move or position your body.