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Medical Emergencies

Welcome to your 7. Test Your Understanding of Medical Emergencies and Emergency Preparedness

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0lder people are more vulnerable to fires and other natural disasters because of
If your client is unconscious after a fall
Emergency information that should be posted by the telephone includes
Heart attack symptoms include
A woman's symptoms during heart attack
Important information to record and report about a fall
A safety checklist for your cllenť s home should include
Signs and symptoms of a stroke include
A DNR order means
0nce you have reached an emergency shelter, you can leave your client

alone there.
A DNR order means that a person wants to be revived if his or her

heart or breathing stops.
Leaving your client in an unsafe situation is considered abandonment.
Falls are common in the elderly and are not necessary to report.
The wrap and slide technique can be used to move & bed­bound person to safety.
Wipe blood spills up immediately and disinfect with a bleach/water solution.
If you cannot contact your agency because of power outages during an emergency, get disaster news by listening to a battery­powered radio.
There is no need to wash your hartds after removing gloves when cleaning up a blood spill.
0lder people are less vulnerable to fires and natural disasters because

their years of wisdom.