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Mid to Late Stage Alzheimers

Welcome to your ​12. Test Your Understanding of Caring for Someone with Mid to Late stage Alzheimer's Disease

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People with advanced Alzheimeťs Disease
People with advanced Alzheimer's commonly die from
For long or large events, the caregiver shouĺd arrange for
The Three S's used to ensure a balance in the day's activities are
Characteristically, the behavior of a person in the later stages of Alzheimer's Disease
Behavior that appears to be sexual in nature can be
Care of the person with advanced Alzheimer's includes
Caregivers are most successful when they
People become less able to tolerate commotion as the disease progresses.
Napping during the daytime hours should be in the bedroom.
A person s past has little bearing on his or her care during mid to late stage Alzheimer's Disease.
Sexually Inappropriate behavior is not a frequent problem with Alzheimer's patients.
Visitors should plan to stay at least an hour or two so the person with Alzheimer's has time to adjust to the change.
0ne core principle of care is to stop when the person says no to

Another core principle of care is to show respect for the person's feelings by acknowledging his or her concerns
A third core principle is to encourage the person to follow your lead in matters of scheduled times and activities.
The behavior of a person in later stages of Alzheimer's Disease has meaning.
Knowing the person's medical history can be useful when trying to determine if the person is in pain
A person with Alzheimer's can learn new information.
As the disease progresses, it spreads to different aireas of the brain. That's why no single solution works for everyone.