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Welcome to your 10. Test Your Understanding of Nutrition for Adults

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What is the normal serving size for meat or fish?
Safe food handling includes
0lder adults nutritional needs change as follows
The following are safey measures when using the stove
Warning signs of malnutrition include
When serving the meal, fill the plate this way
When checking food labels for a diabetic, the most important item to check
Cooking with a recipe makes it easier to cook dishes by telling you
Measure liquids and solids in the same type of measuring cup.
The higher in fiber a food is, the more likely it is to be high in calories.
People over 70 should be consuming at least 2000 calories daily.
0lder adults have a higher risk of malnutrition.
Food should be thawed on the countertop.
Microwave cookware is usually made of metal or plastic.
Exercise stimulates appetite, helps lift depression and strengthens bones.
Unit pricing gives the cost of an item in ounces or pounds.
0lder people should drink no more than 6 glasses of water a day.
Meat and fish are high sources of dietary fiber