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Welcome to your ​13. Test Your Understanding of How to Help Someone Who Uses a Wheelchair

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Wheelchair saftey in the home means
The principles of body mechanics include
The correct way to lift is
The natural way to move from sitting to standing includes
When maneuvering a wheelchair down a hill or ramp
Pressure ulcers can develop at pressure points that include
To prevent pressure ulcers make sure that
When helping a person who uses a walker, crutches or cane
When you lift an object
When setting up for a stand pivot transfer from bed to wheelchair
Proper body mechanics includes bending at the knees and hips not at the

Transfer means moving a person from one surface to another.
Slippers and stocking feet are proper footwear for wheelchair transfers.
Never place a gait belt over drains, feeding tubes or wounds.
Anyone using crutches, cane or walker should look down at the ground for safety reasons.
A cane ıs used on the opposite side of the weak leg
When providing care, allow the person to help as much as possible.
Slight reddening at a pressure point may be an indication of a pressure ulser.
0lder adults need more light to see well compared to younger people.
When lifting, bend at the waist.